Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday on the Road in Spain and the UK!! Checking In!

Hey everyone and anyone! I have been rambling, wandering, schlepping for what seems like weeks and weeks! Heat, cold, rain, sun, beaches and concrete, scones and fried calamari. Internet access is not consistent and when we have it I have to share with three other people. So I thought I would suggest that this time be a chance for whoever is looking in on the blog to post their own comments, stories, jokes, etc.

Just to get you thinking: I am sick of my skirts and am vaguely reevaluating my whole look if not my whole persona. Maybe I will delve into yoga and meditation when I get back?

Tomorrow we are off to London. Here are a few snaps of our trip so far.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Skirts on Friday Bon Voyage!!

I just packed my suitcase for my month in Europe. I will be bopping around a lot and need to travel lightly but also be ready for various situations: hot or cool weather, city, small town, beach. I am bringing three pair of shoes, three sweaters, about twenty tops, and 4 skirts!

It is the last month of my one year "4 skirts" project. I am tired of the same skirts and ready to move on to some of the exciting styles I expect to see in Europe. The skirts are getting really worn out and I hope they will hold up for all of my travels. I don't want to look shabby but even if I do, I know I will look better than if I had on shorts or jeans.

It was easy to fit it all in my little carry-on bag and I had room for leggings, scarves and jewelry to dress things up. I will surely have loads of pictures of the final phase (the last hoorah) of my project. Hopefully they will show the charm of the skirts!

I will be away from my computer and I'm not sure how much internet access I will have, so if my postings are sparse, I apologize in advance!

Have a great July and try to enjoy some skirts of your own!

Here are some photos of two of my previous trips just to show you how long I have had these same skirts!