Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Television Review

It's been an interesting week. I was feeling really stuck and empty. Then I started to feel creative ideas forming in my head. Then I started to feel more at peace, more in the moment and accepting. Then I started doing little things with a sense of purpose and happiness. Then I got two emails from friends of friends asking if I would like to meet for coffee. Then I got a job.
Yep. One of the places that I had left a resume at called and asked if I would come down and talk with them, and I got the job. I will be at a "job" 3 days a week. I think the structure will be good for me. [more on all that later]
I wanted to say that I also saw 2 documentaries on TV this week that really inspired me. One was on the Australian public tv - ABC. It was about the craft revolution. I was glad to see that this topic had made it to television. It is called Making It Handmade. The other one is from the fashion channel here. It is called Vivienne Westwood's London. What an unexpected treat! It was sweet to get to see some of the interesting and artsy sided of one of my favorite cities. But the real treat was hearing this fashion queen talk about art, culture, civilization, history, and humanity. I was so drawn in, it made me want to always remember to think like an artist, live like an artist, and stay engaged in the big issues of our generation.

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