Friday, June 4, 2010

Skirts on Friday - Bare Legs

Now that the weather is warming up wearing a skirt means baring your legs. We all know now that tanning is a big no no, so what can we do to make our bare legs look their best.

I have already been doing the treadmill steadily so at least they are fit, but my skin is definitely not what it used to be. I inherited thin, pale, fragile skin from my Irish ancestors and I have really not cared for it the way I should have. The dry climate in Arizona does not help either.

So, what is a good regimen for summer legs? First of all, I have to shave more frequently than I did in the winter. I used to wax my legs (and I still recommend it for younger people) but now that I am older and menopausal I have very sparse peach fuzz. I have had my legs waxed in a salon and I have done it myself. It is faster in a salon, but if you can't afford it or there is no place in your small mountain town that does waxing, you can DIY quite easily. You have to use the hot wax (warmed in the microwave). The cold, sticky stuff does not work. Waxing does keep your legs (and any other area waxed) hair free for longer, and the new growth is not stubby.

The next step is to keep the dead skin off the legs. I use a pumice stone on my feet and a good, natural scrub on my arms and legs. Lather makes a variety of exfoliators that are all nice. It really comes down to what scent you like - peppermint, yuzu, lemongrass, cranberry, lavender...

They also make yummy, very effective lotions and creams. I like their manuka body butter with grapefruit & juniper. I don't mean to sound like an advertisement for Lather, but it is what I use and I have been very happy with it. Every time I shower, I rub in the cream while my legs are still damp and it really helps.

I do need to figure out some what to give my skin a more even tone and some healthy color without sun exposure. I used to use Clinque self tanning lotion and it made my skin a little tiny bit reddish brown. I don't know which tanners, if any really work. I have never felt flush enough to go for a fancy spa body wrap or skin treatment. The dermatologist tells me that age spots are normal! I guess they go right along with a saggy neck.

Anyway, I keep my skirts at or below the knee and I do splurge on a pedicure, so hopefully anyone looking will focus on my brilliant red toenails and be distracted from any imperfections above that.

Here's a link to a good article with some more tips for summer legs.

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