Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday - Funday! Dream of Life

A few weeks ago I watched the dvd called - Dream of Life. It is sort of a documentary/collaboration with Patti Smith and the film maker Steven Sebring. I heard about it on NPR and was reminded of how much I used to enjoy her music and style. I had always wondered what had become of her.
This movie shows a view of her life that is so artistic, emotional and suited to her poetic style. I LOVED this movie. I loved being able to see some of the intimate moments of her life and to learn more about the trajectory it has taken. It was filmed over a period of 10 years and included lots of other vintage footage.
Besides being beautiful and inspirational it reminded me of how much more brave and ready for action I used to be. Seeing her still living an artist's life gave me motivation to face the rest of my life with gusto and artistic sensibility.
At the beginning she says a line that I plan to quote on birthday and graduation cards for a while:

"Life is an adventure of our own design,
Intersected by fate
and a series of lucky and unlucky accidents"

Watch this movie! If you like poetry, rock and roll, or biographies, you will love it!

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