Friday, June 18, 2010

Skirts Project

Is it Friday again already??!! Time seems to be going by so quickly and with no school schedule, I hardly know what day it is. This has been a long year in some ways but it is winding up now and I have almost completed a full 12 months of my Skirts Project!

I am pretty pleased with myself and feel that the last several weeks will be a piece of cake. I will be in Europe and England for the month of July and I will be happy to pack lightly and never have to fuss over my wardrobe! I'll give an update on this later but for now I'll just say that my skirts and my discipline are holding up nicely!

The photo is of me at my daughter's birthday party on an uncommonly freezing evening last week. My red skirt went straight into the wash afterward to get rid of the BBQ smell.

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