Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Somewhere in the World - Scottsdale AZ

OMG! I have been racing around trying to do all my usual things and all the latest summer things on top of that! I have been making arrangements for our summer trip to Europe, going through the long, bureaucratic process of the Australian visa, getting our house ready to put on the market, planning my daughter's birthday party, father's day, family obligations and let's not forget my cats!
We had to go to Scottsdale for a medical exam for the whole family that included blood and x-ray. we thought it would take hours so we spent the night. (We spent the night before that at my in-laws.....). Anyway, the whole doctor thing only took 2 hours including x-rays so we went shopping and swam in the hotel pool. We ate sushi for dinner and had gelato for dessert.

It was beautiful down there with all the desert plants and landscaping looking so inviting even though it was 107 degrees out. It just made me sad to think of the racism and fear in some of the population there. The passing of the boarder control, racial profiling, anti-ethnic studies, etc. legislation is just wrong, ill-conceived, and destructive. It makes me ashamed to say that I live in this state and it makes me sad to think that people imagine that I and other good people share this small-mindedness.

We went to American Apparel and they had a shirt that was great! It says "Legalize Arizona: Immigration Reform Now!"


  1. It is indeed sad. Prejudice is plain wrong... including grouping all Arizonians as being small minded bigots. Every time we lump people into any group and slap a one size fits all label on them, we are in the wrong and no good can come from such action. I hope one day we can be a nation that truly embraces its melting pot heritage and celebrates diversity and open mindedness. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Sheila- there are crazy bigots in every state- we definitely have them here in NJ, too. There is a huge lesson for all of us with what is happening in AZ right now- it is making people talk about this though and that is a good thing. Also crazy people brought out into the light of day, look even crazier- always a good thing. No boycott of AZ from me- I know a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch (I even used to have the record).