Sunday, March 14, 2010

Empty House

The house isn't really empty but it feels that way. My husband and older daughter are on an educational tour of China! It is Spring Break so the house and its remaining occupants (myself, my younger daughter, and the two cats) are devoid of the normal routine, responsibilities, and stresses of the regular schedule. There are things we can do, but there is very little that we really have to do. I am feeling lazy, enjoying the quiet for the moment, and spending too much time on the internet. I was just checking the time in Beijing and the weather in Seattle. The grey clouds and drizzling snow add to my lethargy.

I got some sewing done and talked on the phone with an old friend . She lives in Oregon - lucky to be so close to Portland and all the cool art happenings! We had some good laughs, some shared outrage at social situations, and swapped sadnesses and worries. We are at that age I guess. She said "don't postpone joy." I don't, really. I am like those people in the old commercial about midwesterners where they say "we are smiling" through deadpan faces! Deep down (and just below the surface), I am smiling. It is quiet now, but we could break out into a dance party or a fit of hysterical laughter at any moment...

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