Thursday, March 4, 2010

I like Happy Music!

When iTunes was having their contest for the one billionth song sold, I tried to think of a song that I wanted to hear. I looked up Dave Edmunds and Rockpile. I was first exposed to them in about 1982 when I was working in a pizza place and the manager was a big fan of theirs. I think Cruel To Be Kind was a hit then so I probably knew about that. I studied Hamlet in high school so I loved that rock and roll was being literary and witty.
Anyway, I found this American Bandstand video on youtube. As one of the commenters said, it probably would be criticized now because of "inappropriate" messages, but I love the youthful energy and charm. I can't think of any contemporary comparisons. I guess I would have been a senior in high school when this came out.

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