Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yoga Sunday

It's Sunday and while I didn't actually do any yoga today, I have been thinking about a particular part of it all day. My daughter and her friend were doing a yoga video this morning and I heard the teacher say something that is a perfect mantra for me right now (and really, I think it is perfect for everyone all the time).

She said "Yoga is Effort without Tension, Relaxation without Dullness". I am going to try to remember this as I try to find balance in my mood and in my life.

The photos are from the bottom up: capri pants from Salts, t-shirt from Nirvana Yoga Studio, hemp pants from Nature Gear, lounge pants from Herban Devi, drawstring gauchos by Gaiaconceptions, and Yoga Girl collage by Claudine Hellmuth.


  1. Love the second photo! Those gauchos look so comfy! Thanks for reminding my that I need to do some yoga today!