Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Little China Girl

My husband and oldest daughter just got back from a nine day educational tour of China and I am experiencing it vicariously through their stories and photos. I think my daughter really has an eye for design and composition and her photos are really great so I am going to post them periodically here.

I'll start with design and later post pictures of people, landscapes and building, art, and of course - textiles.

From the top:
A tray of vegetarian dumplings that was my daughter's favorite meal there. I think she liked it partly because it was so cute! The brown one was shaped like a walnut and filled with walnut paste.

A chic young woman framed by an ancient, beautiful doorway.

Cans of juice and tea in a market. The orange one had delicious chai type tea in it. The art on the cans looks like an esty artist's style.

I love this picture of a solitary chair in a country that we associate with crowding!

An ordinary, drab, winter street made beautiful by colorful flags and posters.

An example of efficiency and low gas usage - this is a florist's delivery "van". I also love the colors in this one.

A cool window in a shop. I want to print this one and send it to everyone I know with a wish for good fortune.

Lastly, a display of souvenirs from a building so tall, no one could see the top in the fog. They went to the top (I think it was 100 stories!) and were surrounded by glass walls, ceilings, floors, and fog!!!! I don't think I would have been able to handle that!

The overall impression they got was that China is a contradiction in time and space. It is crowded with vast open spaces, ultra-modern with ancient, ancient buildings, relics, and practices. It seems to me to be an example of a zen sort of timelessness, vibrant but still, where the immediate just is.

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  1. What wonderful photos!! Your daughter is an artist like you... :)