Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Textile Tuesdays : #19 - Stripes!

Take a straight line of varying thickness, set it next to another one of a different color and the same or different thickness, and repeat. This is the formula for one of the simplest and most basic design elements - a stripe. You can use just two or multiple colors, they can be equal thickness or thick and thin (a pin-stripe), they can be vertical or horizontal. They can be printed, woven or knit.
These photos are all great examples of the varieties of looks or styles you can create with a stripes.

You could be a pirate, or a French mime in this little dress by Miss Lirjam. Pair it with a yellow daisy brooch and some boots and you could be straight out of the fashion pages of the 60's. The black and white is so dramatic and simple at the same time, it can easily transform into whatever you like.

This dress reminds me of Doris Day meets the Queen of Hearts! I love the femininity of the cut with the power of the bold stripes and the red! This is made by a company called Audrey and Grace. They make new, custom dresses with authentic, vintage patterns.

This camisole from Evil Needles takes on a modern, retro '80s look with the turquoise and black. Just by changing the color combination, you get a totally different feel.

This sweater by Punk Rock Hippie mixes a fat and a skinny horizontal stripe with a few fun details to create a mixture of sailor, victorian, artsy, pirate look. I love it!

A pale navy vertical stripe can look very preppy or even Victorian. The corset by Gas Lamp Corsets is reproduction but it looks authentic. It would be great for a period costume or a Steampunk fashion wardrobe.

This skirt below by Snuggle Pants, is a great example of multiple varieties of stripes. It is so colorful and fun! And, it is made from up-cycled sweaters so it is warm and eco-friendly!

The stripe is so plain and so familiar that it allows designers to use their imagination to take it wherever they like. I have just looked at women's clothing but the stripe also dominates men's fashion and home decor. Maybe I'll do a couple more posts devoted to those areas in the future.

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  1. Love the red dress! Stripes never go out of fashion!

    Gas Lamp Corsets