Monday, January 11, 2010

4 SKIRTS: Update

Well, it is January and I am still wearing my 4 skirts! I still have days where I want to chuck the whole project or some days where I think I will just cheat a little or adjust the rules a little. But, so far, I have stuck to it! It has been hard since I am really wearing just 3 now. I put away my white sear sucker skirt because it was too white and thin. The cold weather makes it hard to feel like I am being practical except when I am wearing Penny - my wool skirt.

My leggings, knee socks and leg warmers are a constant under layer and I haven't shaved my legs in about 3 months! I still have plenty of shirts sweaters and scarves to mix around with the skirts. I go back and forth with being really dull in my color choices or being outrageous.

It still doesn't seem to matter. No one says anything. I guess one effect is that I get less compliments on my attire. My daughters are really the only ones commenting. They are pretty supportive and will give me a nod of approval when I come up with a cute new look with the same old items.

Otherwise, the main effect is that I have a lot less laundry. I spend less time getting dressed. I have bought almost no new clothes. And I am working on the issue of sticking with something I started. That is probably the hardest part and it is yet to be seen if I will succeed. I think it would be easier if I thought someone cared one way or the other.

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