Monday, January 18, 2010


Sometimes I think I do my best thinking in the shower. Too bad I can't have my computer in there with me. I love taking a hot shower in the winter, and a cool one in the summer. I am always conscious of the luxuries in my life when I am in that soothing, refreshing bubble. When we lived in London, I swore I would never take water pressure for granted again. I thought I had nothing to write about but then I thought of a few things in the shower:

... Today is a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. With everything going on in the world, the time between his struggles and now seems to have shrunken. There is so much social, political, economic and environmental uncertainty right now. It is a time of despair for some people and also, a time of great hope and determination.

I have the people of Haiti foremost in my mind. It makes me want to go there and do what I can whether it is digging people out or helping with the bureaucracy. The scale of the tragedy is so large that I have a hard time grasping it. On some level, like Carl Jung wrote, I think we feel these human events inside a part of our brain that is ancient.

I am reading Four Spirits, by Sena Jetter Naslund for my book group. It seems a fitting thing to read on this day. It is disturbing to read about the brutality and the racist attitudes of the police and of some of the whites in that time and place. I have never been to Alabama, but I can only hope that there has been real progress and healing towards higher consciousness and humanity.

We are so lucky and I am grateful for the comforts, conveniences, safety, friendship, love and nurturing that are in my life.

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