Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Textile Tuesdays : #12 New Year

I don't have much to say because most of my creative energy has been going into sewing. I guess that is a good thing! I do feel bad about not being consistent on my blog. My DVE has turned into more of a Weekly Verbal Exercise.
I am still trying to get a good "voice" in this writing. I want it to be genuine and meaningful, but I don't want it to be embarrassingly personal. I am potentially writing to the "public" but really, I am probably just writing to a void plus a few people that I lure in. It is hard to just be me without being too incoherent - without leaving big holes or going into too much detail.
Also, I could write about my family for about 10 days, then move on to some sociological rant for a while, then get into art for a month, then talk about travel and my dreams - this is the way my mind works, but I am trying to be more organized, be - better. But it is hard, and it might be strangling me. Isn't organizing for editors?

Anyway, Textile Tuesday for today is going to be simply, my latest creations that I put up for Valentine's day.

I have been thinking a lot about certain designs, certain decorative techniques and certain "looks" that I wanted to achieve. So, now it is a new year, and my shop is pretty much wiped out from Christmas (yay!), I am going to make manifest some of these ideas. I decided to play around with something small and I think they turned out pretty well.
I actually feel inspired by the fun process and want to do more and more. I wrote really effusive copy on my listings of these hearts and I really meant what I said. I am not usually much of a heart shaped person, but there is something that I love (pardon the pun) about these. They are made out of a hemp/organic cotton blend that has a look and feel of linen. I love how they show off the natural fibers and texture. And, I don't see why they should be relegated to Valentine's day. After all, we want and need love all the time don't we?

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