Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quiet Work

The first week back at a working routine is almost over. It has gone smoothly and I am thankful that I get to sleep in till around eight. I hear everyone get up at 6:30 and am so happy at the luxury of snoozing and dreaming away one more hour.
Everyone seems to know what they have to do and none of us has so much right now that we get cranky or overwhelmed. There is still some bickering from time to time but I think we all want to preserve the peace as much as possible.
I got up, had my toast and tea in front of the computer, did my new dance workout video, finished my bag that I was working on and took a shower. David was working at home in the morning but left for a meeting.
When I was alone, I listened to a story on the BBC7 about a girl in Belfast who went missing. It was told from the sister's point of view. It was so sad that I almost shut it off. The fact that the reader had an accent very like my friend's in Belfast, made it even harder to listen to. But it was sweet and had a good message. How do we know when things will change? How can we know how much the people around us effect us? How do we deal with losses - big and small? It was called "The Girl from Mars".
I finished my bag. I did the carpool and saw my friend who chatted with me while we waited. I made dinner and took my oldest daughter to her fencing class. Everything is quiet except for the cat mewing. A solid, ordinary, good day.

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