Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Textile Tuesdays : #13 Pantone Color Chart

One of the things about fashion that I actually like, is the shifts in color trends. A person can look at a particular color fabric and guess what decade it came from. Yes, there are patterns and styles that give you clues, but sometimes it is specifically a color.

The most famous of these are based on dyes that were widely used, or just discovered. Indigo is quite old, "turkey" red, that was made from Madder root is associated with the Civil War era. Avocado and orange make us think of the '70s, and magenta and fluorescents mean '80s.
It is true that there are many subtle variations and things come back around and around. But the shifts give us a sense of time and hopefully a feeling of newness and change.

Pantone is a company that makes color swatches for designers of all kinds. I found this website with their color trend predictions for Spring 2010. It is based on their research of a cross-section of designers and what is most commonly popping up.

I happen to love this palette! The colors are natural but bright and there is a different take on typical hues. For example, the red is more of a tomato, the turquoise is moving towards a calmer teal. I also like the idea of mixing a bright color with a neutral that is not just black, brown, white, or grey. In fact, it seems that black and white are missing... interesting. Can you give up your black? or your whites?

The shirt is by Isla New York, the chairs are by Fabulous Pieces, and the blanket is by Turtle Murtle. They are all sellers on ETSY. The runway model is from Carolina Herrera.

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