Thursday, April 8, 2010

I have an idea!

Whenever we stay at hotels, we collect the shampoos and other free toiletries. We have quite a collection going. Someone suggested that we donate them to homeless shelters. This is a great idea but I would like to take it one step further. I have loads of cosmetics and toiletries that I have used once and shoved to the back of my cabinet for one reason or another. I am going to round it all up and put it in a box for the shelter.

You might think that this is the last thing that people down on their luck need. They don't even have food or clean, warm clothing. Of course those are of primary importance, but a little luxury is probably something they rarely get. A momentary pampering might be the bit of frivolity that cheers them up and gives them a broader outlook.

Personally, I love the company Lather. I got their samples in a Marriott and was thrilled to find that they have a store in Scottsdale. You can get them on line or look for them free in hotels.

Also, I can't resist when Clinique has a free promotion. I usually keep the little bags and never use the cosmetics.

There are probably all kinds of cynical, pessimistic and cautionary arguments against it. But, I am choosing to take a positive attitude. Someone will love it, and it is better than throwing it away.

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  1. it's good idea, Sheila and I think people would like receiving these things ..let us know how the first delivery goes over!