Monday, April 19, 2010

Life in a Southwestern Mountain Town #9 Spring Cleaning

There is a reason why I avoid raking the pine needles. In fact, there are several reasons. Many of them are the same reasons why I avoid other less-than-urgent chores.

For one thing, they aren't urgent, so I choose to put them off in favor of other immediately necessary tasks (like the dishes or laundry), or better yet, fun.

For another thing, they are usually on a large, daunting scale - i.e. taking all day or days! I spent one whole day last week cleaning out the cupboards and drawers in my bathroom! I thought I would take the morning and do both bathrooms, but I only got through one. The good news is, they are both much more tidy and useable now, and I donated a very large, overflowing grocery bag full of cosmetics, toiletries, and first-aid supplies to the local women's shelter. (There is a group of students at the university who are having a drive and they were happy to collect the donations and deliver it for me!)

The main reason I am remiss in taking care of certain chores is the filth factor! I really don't want to get involved with certain kinds of dirt. I have asthma and sinus problem (good excuse, right?) and it really grosses me out and actually makes me sick to deal with dust and mold.

Today I took on the pine needles on my side yard. I will soon work my way around the front and backyard. I raked till my wrists were wobbly and made 5 huge piles. I was driven by the incentive of knowing that my husband is going to pick up the piles and my arms will be just a little less flabby.

Next on the long, dreaded list is the back porch!

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