Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somewhere in the World - Sydney Australia!!!

O.K., I can't hold back any longer. After 14 years of living in a small town in a mountain desert, we are going to be moving to a new life in Sydney, Australia!!

Yes, it is a permanent move (as much as anything is permanent)! Yes, it is far away. Yes, we are all very excited and enthusiastic about going! I always felt that my time in Flagstaff was temporary and I was beginning to feel foolish (it probably was foolish in any case) about not accepting my presence in this place. I started thinking that I had been wrong and that we were going to end up growing old and being buried here. But, my husband got hired to a great university in Sydney and we are moving there next year.

We were there about 6 years ago so I have a visual understanding of the city and the country. I know first-hand what the people are like and what types of lifestyles are possible. I don't think I am being too idealistic when I say that it is a fantastic place to live! There is a lot of planning and arranging of living situations, placements, etc. to be done, but, to use a cliche,"it is all good!"

A quick tour of the city and I will post more soon...

The first photo is of the waterfront walkway leading from the botanical gardens to the famous Opera House.
Next is me with a magnolia flower on one of the trees in a park. Remember the expression "never eat anything bigger than your head" ? Well, what do they say about growing flowers that are bigger?
Next is a view of the downtown from inside the Chinese Friendship Gardens.
Bondi Beach! One of the many beaches around the city. Yes, surfing and sunning in a major metropolitan area!
Me in front of one of the fabulous museum/galleries. My art senses are stirring and getting ready to be fed! (if you can believe it, I am wearing one of my 4skirts - Zara! I make things last don't I?!)

It looks good doesn't it?

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