Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Socializing

I find so many sites that I love and wish I could show to everyone, so I decided to just post links once a week. I will just share as many of my favorite blogs and websites that I can think of.

Today I want to show everyone a superb, stunning and satisfyingly minimalistic site called just three things. It is run by a textile artist and etsian called CricketApollo. (Her shop is closed right now but I will keep my eye out for when it opens again.) I love seeing what amazing things she finds for her blog and I was fortunate enough to be featured one day! Check it out!

The painting is by Jacob van Hulsdonck, and was featured on a recent post.
The sachets are an example of some of Cricket's work.

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  1. Thanks, Sheila! So sweet of you to feature me and my blog!