Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Textile Tuesdays : #22 - Florals

I have always been a sucker for florals, but now I don't have to apologize, because they are BACK!!

Just like any other trend, they cycle through over and over with minor variations. They have been around as long as textiles have existed and thank goodness they are not considered passe in our modern, tech-centric world.

Large or small, printed or embellishment, they are soothing and uplifting reminders of the beauty in the world.

One of my Shecological bags with a Japanese floral detail that gives life to a plain organic cotton canvas.
Laura Ashley made it big with florals in the '70s and she is still going strong with her designs for clothing and home dec.
Marimekko is famous for its ultra-mod poppy pattern but I like this Marimekko fabric used by Mod Diva in this pillow.
Liberty florals have always been the creme de la creme. They were even featured in a new line of products at Target! This small coin clutch by Sew Lola is a lovely example of their beautiful fabric.
Hand made and florals go together amazingly! Just look at this first-class piece of hand printed fabric by Jezze Prints.
Amy Butler is a young, textile designing super-star who uses beautiful, vivid color combinations and combines florals and geometric prints in her fabric lines. Chic Bazar uses two of them here in this colorful bag.
Of all of the florals though, you probably won't be surprised to hear me say, my favorite ones are those of the Japanese textile designers. Like this one used by Blue Manatee, they are just so kawaii!


  1. Thanks so much for including my flower brooch pin! I so appreciate it!

  2. Thanks for including my fabric in such a great collection!