Monday, April 26, 2010

Life in a Southwestern Mountain Town #9 The Internet

Living in a small out of the way town requires many adjustments. When we first moved here, if I wanted organic veggies, I had to buy frozen. We try to shop locally, but many things just aren't available, and sometimes I just don't have the time to drive all over. I would prefer to walk or ride my bike all over, but the weather, hills, sprawl, and lack of bike lanes makes it pretty hard.
Also, there are fewer job opportunities, especially if you are raising a family and want flexibility.

So, I have to say, I am thankful for the internet. It connects me with the rest of the world, sometimes far away, and sometimes just on the other side of town. I can do research, shop, make and maintain social contacts, and even sell my work!

Because I sew and do textile design for my own small business, I live a somewhat solitary existence. But I know that there are loads of other people living somewhat parallel lives. Through blogging, Facebook, email, and Etsy, I have gotten to know many of them (without ever having actually met!) It makes me feel good to share experiences inspiration and ideas; support each other's work; and get a glimpse of the variety of lives around the world. It also makes me feel compassion, concern, and sadness when I hear of other people's struggles and suffering. Even though we aren't related by blood or proximity, we somehow are connected and we feel we know each other quite well in some way. It is a puzzle to me but it is true.

Maybe it is a normal phenomenon for young people who are raised with "social networking." For me, I am in a generation watching this science-fiction fantasy become real, watching but participating. I am not ready for alien take overs but I am not fearful of "the net." I know that it can give "creepers" (as my daughter would say) the chance to exploit the innocent. But I also know that, just like in the world at large, there are many many more good people.

The photos at the top are an example of a feature on Etsy called "treasury". Sellers make a mix of items that they think fit a theme or look great together. It is kind of like a display window where samples of items are featured and the overall effect is enticing. Sometimes friends, sometimes strangers, put me into these treasuries. I am always flattered and excited - like being invited to a party! It is also a great way to find new stores and beautiful things!

Thanks to Tiki and Sharon for putting me in these two lovelies!


  1. Like you Sheila I don't know what I would do without the internet. When I was living and working on the Estate I didn't have a lot of spare time to spend off the Estate, shopping or visiting with friends. The computer was my lifeline to the outside world. I love Etsy! I could spend hours looking at all the treasures on there! xxoo

  2. Hi Marie, I think it is such a coincidence that you have an etsy shop too! I guess there are loads of us out there! Thanks for your comment!