Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Somewhere in the World - China

I may never go there but at least I know people who have. The photos and stories from my husband and daughter paint a detailed picture of the scene in China. It is an outsider's view, but it is more than I would have seen in the news or in National Geographic.

I showed some photos related to design in a previous post. Today, I am going to show some of the photos of people. Some of them are of the Chinese in everyday life. Some are the tourists, American and others.

Just below, a street vendor selling baked potatoes.
Teaching the tourists Tai Chi.
Rickshaw drivers resting.
Buddhist monks being tourists.

Just below, the ultimate eco, recycling man!
A woman separating silk threads from cocoons.
Typical, urban kids, could be anywhere in the world.
A stylish couple out for a stroll, maybe doing some shopping.
A group of Japanese tourists.

The one just below shows how some of the young men are into styling their hair!
Next is a group of Chinese women belly dancing. I guess this craze is not just for young, hippie women.
Of course, we need an adorable baby photo.
American student tourists taking their photos in a mirrored ceiling.
Chinese girl students at an international language school.

I love the way there is such a feeling of universal humanity in all these pictures. The cultures, governments, and languages may be different, but inside the spirit, and the human connection is the same.

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