Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Socializing - "The English Kitchen"

This is where I share a blog or website that I love. Today I want to tell you about a foodie blog that my daughter found when she was looking for a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding. It is called "The English Kitchen". (click on the name to connect to her blog).

Like the author, Marie Rayner, says, she is "debunking the myth" that English food is tasteless and unhealthy. She has a great site with yummy recipes, fun commentary, and beautiful photos.
The photo at the top is from her site and features her Plum and Almond Crumble Cake!

We lived in London for a year and I never saw such variety of foods in grocery stores, markets, restaurants, dinner parties and television cooking shows. My favorite thing was the column by Nigel Slater in the Sunday paper. I knew I loved him when I got his cookbook called "Appetite"
and there was a photo of him wearing a dirty apron. A true cook, in my opinion, gets their apron dirty.

After mulling over this website, my daughter found this Sticky Toffee Cake (in the bottom 2 photos above). She made it and it was delicious. She also made the fish cobbler (which sounds bizarre but tasted like the perfect yummy comfort food for a cold spring night).

You need a kitchen scale or the ability to wing it because the recipes are written in grams etc. But it is worth trying because the food is genuinely the best of what you might see in a creative British kitchen or cafe. Scroll through the photos and the side bar to see past recipes. Enjoy the music while you do so!

Bon Apetit! (Where can I get my hands on some plums??)

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  1. Thanks for your very kind words Sheila! Not sure I deserve em, but I'll take them!! I see you have an Etsy Shop! I have an Etsy shop also. Just a place where I vent my creative side! I do have a conversion list on my English Kitchen. You can find it in the recipe link list under Measurement Conversion List. Hope this helps! xxoo