Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "B" Word

I hate when our whole modern, western, society is like a sea of people all saying "I'm so busy". We are all so busy being busy that we aren't really living the life or really doing the things that we are supposedly busy doing. (I originally heard this idea in a book about Proust which I don't have time to look up now but I will do so soon and put in the link - is this a case in point?). What is it that makes us think that this is a good thing? Are we complaining or bragging when we say it? I have always been one for moderation and balance. Partly because I don't function very well any other way. I am a slow person. I am lucky enough to be able to manage my own time pretty much.
Right now, I am at a bit of a crunch because the school year is started and everyone in my home is back into their school routine. This year, that includes me! Also, I have taken on a few new projects. So, I am still getting used to the added responsibilities. I guess I would have to say, I'm busy! But, I am not complaining or bragging, only making an observation and acknowledging that I have to get a handle on it!
I am getting more comfortable with my hiragana and I am figuring out how to wear the same skirts every day. I know where to park my car and walk to class. I've got a bunch of bags layed out and ready to sew. I have even had time to meet with a few friends for tea. I was surprized when I looked at my blog and saw that I did not make an entry yesterday! So here is something for today.
I wore Penny with a JCrew shirt and yesterday I wore Michelle with a Clancy t-shirt that my niece made me. Monday, I wore Zara with my tourist t-shirt that I got from... you guessed it.

I am also posting a picture that shows me talking on the phone on the treadmill in my garage (full of junk!!!) The skirt is no problem to tread in.

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