Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Yesterday I started sewing a new bag and was really in a groove with systematically getting the pieces sewn so I could assemble the whole thing. I think making a bag is a metaphor for accomplishing any goals - First you get an idea then back up to do the little pieces that are the groundwork. Each step, done right brings you closer to the prize. The funny thing is that sometimes the little things are not exciting, they can be tedious and I sometimes wonder at the value of them. But then, I finally get them all done and put together and a beautiful bag seems to magically appear.
When I first started making bags, I would sew the main pieces together first because I was anxious to see the whole thing. Then I would realize that I had to take it apart to get the small things done and in the right place. Thank goodness I got past that, but I still have a tendency to want it to be done faster than I can actually do it.
Anyway, I was working steadily and almost done when I started to feel light-headed. Within two hours I had 101 degree fever. I was useless to do anything but moan in bed. I was thinking about my bag that would never get posted and my Japanese quiz on Tuesday that I might have to miss.
I woke up this morning feeling a little weak but otherwise fine! The fever was gone and I had no other symptoms. It must have been a 24 hour flu or maybe whatever bug was in me got burned out! I slowly finished the last few seams, photographed it and got it posted in my store. I think it came out really cute.
I haven't stuck to my idea of making one item a day - not even close. But, I keep doing what I can, giving meaning to the slow movement. I do wish I could get 40 items in my shop but I can't complain if things keep selling.

Re. Skirts: Yesterday I wore my brown hemp skirt with my brown suede boots and a sweater since it is cooling off. Today, I am sorry to say, PJs.

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