Thursday, September 17, 2009


1. I wore the same skirt to school every day this week. It was easy and somewhat liberating to not have to think about wardrobe. No one said anything.
2. I got 102% on my first Japanese quiz. I am happy to have proof that my brilliant children didn't get all there smarts from their dad.
3. I didn't make 5 bags. I did make one that was really more like a work of art in that I had to work it and let it evolve and take chances. I think it turned out really cool. I also made a to do list to keep my business moving forward.
4. So long to Jim Carroll. My friend Mary called me yesterday to remind me of the time we saw him performing at a bar in Santa Cruz. I know that was real. I remember it. But it seems more like a story from someone else's life.

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