Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walk the Walk

Since I started school, I've been walking to class from where I park my car, about 6 blocks away. I go through the old neighborhoods and try to find something to surprize or delight me. I love old buildings and bits of art. There are murals, alley ways, and strange little quirky things that people have made. It puts me in a good mood to see beautiful colors. There is one little turquoise house that has sunflowers growing in front by a white picket fence. The paint is all pealing which makes it all the more romantic. There is an old store front that someone has bought and made into their home, but they kept the old sign. There is a gigantic crabapple tree spotted all over with little red orbs hanging out over a busy, ugly street like a plea.

Yesterday I walked by a house on a main street near campus and I noticed a strange "barking" noise. I looked into the overgrown yard and saw about 6 ducks scurrying around! They had a little plastic igloo and a small pond. Then I walked by the small white old house that has been turned into the Quaker Meeting Hall - American Friends Society. I love the AFS even though I have never been. When I was doing my undergraduate work I met so many people who were Quakers. They were all so cool, so positive, calm, and genuinely friendly. Recently, I have met a few in Flagstaff, and they are the same way. It must be something about the way they are raised and the doctorine of community, non-violence, and earth stewardship. They made a nice little wild garden space next to the building - presumably for peaceful meditation or social gatherings.

A little further on, I walked past some aspen trees. The wind was blowing gently and the leaves were rustling. Because of the shape of the leaves and the way they stand out on their stems, they are said to "quake". Quaking Aspens - I had to laugh to myself at this little serendipity that my brain or the world presented to me. I love to stumble upon things whether they are small, like what I just described, or immense, like a new best friend, a life changing opportunity, or an idea that starts me down a new road.

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