Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Ring!

My good friend Marilyn made me a ring! I have been wanting a ring for a long time. I would look at them and think about them but I had never been decisive. Marilyn is the kind of person that thinks about doing something and then becomes an expert in no time. I'm not exaggerating. Whether it is going to law school or knitting a cable knit cardigan, she is at the top of her class.
She has been making jewelry and selling it on etsy and she decided to take a silversmithing class. Of course, her work was beautiful. I asked her how she does it and she said she just perseveres. She sets high goals and she doesn't stop till she gets there, which is usually fast, in my opinion.

I love the way this ring turned out. Ever since I saw the stone called Morganite, I was feeling particularly drawn to it. Marilyn found me a stone that displays the morganite colors and qualities perfectly. It is cut beautifully so it sparkles like a diamond but it also has the subtle pinkish, greyish, purpleish colors that draw me in. The silver is textured and so highly polished that the whole thing looks frosty! The pictures are darker than the real thing which is also more pink.

Textiles are my true obsession but I can see how easy it would be to go gaga over gemstones. They don't have the touch factor but they are almost permanent and have amazing colors. I can see why different stones are believed to have different energies. I will have this ring as long as I live and pass it down to one of my daughters. Marilyn even added the sweet personal touch of engraving my name inside the band.

Skirts update: Yes, I am still wearing the 4 skirts. I think I am going to try wearing one for a whole week! So far, no one has mentioned this fashion quirk of mine. Do they not notice, do they think I am a crazy old woman, or, as my daughter suggested, do they think I am too poor to afford clothes? Anyway, I wore Michelle with a pink tank top and beige cotton sweater on Monday. Same skirt, blue and grey striped tank top and old white t-shirt with the word "DIVE" on the front. I got this shirt 5 years ago at the Great Barrier Reef. I thought it looked cute. Today I am wearing the same skirt and a raspberry colored tee also from Australia with a peach polka dot tank hanging out the bottom.

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