Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Fortnight and the Fair

I've been wearing the same 4 skirts for 2 weeks. Most days it is just like my normal routine since I wear skirts a lot anyway. But, some days I feel like entertaining myself by putting on a different disguise or shell. Then I have to forget that and just grab the same skirt. I guess I have to either find my entertainment elsewhere or get more creative with tops and accessories. As it is I think people will see me and think that I am just another normal person who doesn't care about what she looks like because clearly, my outfits are not well thought out and there is nothing artistically appealing about them. I can't say I have given up on my fashion. It is not that I am so concerned about my "looks". It is more that I view the world as an artistic expression and I want my own presence in it to add to that. Maybe it is like a workout and I have to get over the hump before I get the pay off and the endorphines.

I went to the county fair today and wore my MaryJane skirt and a hippie top that I got in town a few years ago. You couldn't see it though because it was cold and I had on a sweatshirt and hat. The fair is a great place for people watching. Families, couples, kids, farmers, city folk, scientists, carnies ... they are all there. I love looking at the goats and the quilts. It seemed to me that participation was down this year with lots of empty pens and wall space. I hope that it doesn't become a thing of the past. I was thinking I should have invited one of the Japanese exchange students because it would be such a slice of American life for them to see. I wonder if it would seem sweet to them or bizarre?

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