Thursday, September 24, 2009


David came home last night with a bag full of treats from England. It softened the blow, slightly, of our not getting to move there. We all had built up the fantasy in our imaginations of living in Manchester - getting new jobs, going to school there, making new friends, going to museums and parks, walking through city streets on cloudy, rainy days - glorious! We knew we should not count on something that was only a possibility, but we wanted to be positive and imagine it really happening. We tried to "intend" it. But it was not meant to be.

I don't want to pout too much so I am just trying to take care of our lives here and now, and look ahead to other possibilities. I must admit, I am being short-tempered and cranky though. I got pissed off at the language lab computer, I got annoyed with the cat meowing at the door, I am frustrated with etsy, bad drivers, and npr. The wind yesterday just about killed me. It doesn't really work to suppress feelings.

Good things are very touching to me. I got some sweet convoes and comments on my blog that cheered me up. My little daughter auditioning for the part of the bully in a local play, shocking everyone with her shouting, made me laugh and get "chuffed" as they say in England. My dad trying to do disco/pop dancing in the living room with both of my daughters! They loved it. I thought they all looks fantastic!

I have been working hard since June to get back in shape, so I don't want to indulge too much in comfort food but I will enjoy slowly and try to make it last until summer when we go over there and restock. Here is a list of what David brought us: 5 packages of McVitties dark chocolate digestives (THE best cookie in the world for my tastes), 6 small pkgs of Walker's crisps, for the girls, 1 box of M&S rose flavored Turkish Delight, various Cadbury chocolates, Jaffa Cakes, 2 boxes of Nairns oatcakes, a big box of PGtips, M&S luxury muesli, and a Hello, and OK magazine! Pretty good haul eh? It was so sweet of him to shop for all of this for us. Having my family together is the sweetest thing.

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  1. I'm sorry you were not able to move over to England. It's such a lovely place and I hope to live there again with my family.

    I miss those McVitties and a cup of English tea. has a huge selection of English items and we order from there every so often.

    Hope you have a lovely day :)