Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Lists

I started thinking today about people and things that I admire and would maybe like to write about. Then I thought "I should make a list so I don't forget". Then I thought that I could just print the list. Lists are very popular these days. You can find them on Facebook or iTunes, even on McSweeny's. I could leave the details up to readers' imaginations. I could just make links for more information. I would have one list of profound things and one of guilty pleasures... OMG... it would be the lofty and the lascivious linking lists!!
But then I started thinking that this is a copout in some ways. It relieves me of all the work of explaining what I like about the items, of describing their connection in my mind, of writing a coherent, developed thought! This is what is happening to language, writing and communication in a texting, listing, tweating, linking society! It is getting fragmented and devoid of personal articulation. I will instead make a list in my notebook and then write an entry about each of them. Check back.

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