Monday, October 26, 2009

4 SKIRTS: Update

Well, it's been about 3 months and the skirt project is still underway. Most days go by uneventfully but some are noteworthy.
One of the reasons I wanted to do this project was to streamline my clothing choices and make it easier to get dressed in the morning. That has not really happened so much. I still try to figure out which skirt suits my mood, the weather, and the activity of the day. Then I have to find something to match that is not too hot, too cold, or dirty. Sometimes I look like I just rolled out of bed or like I got dressed blindfolded. Some days I surprise myself and throw together something that looks pretty good, even a little chic. Mostly, I have had to let go of my inner judge, and that is a good thing.
Another reason I did this experiment was to try to reduce my focus on consuming - getting, having, adoring, coveting, needing things in order to be happy. I have gotten less interested in the whole clothing and fashion scene. I have bought a lot less than I normally would have. I am using what I have more fully, and I am doing less laundry, so I guess that is a good thing.
I realized that this is more for me than for any kind of social statement. I mentioned before that I was surprised that no one said anything to me about my wearing the same thing everyday. I think most people I know just think that I like skirts and that I have a quirky fashion sense.
Well, in all this time, I have had 2 comments. One was from a girl in my Japanese class. The other day she said "I like your skirt". I stared at her eyes for a second to see if she was being facetious. She had seen me in that skirt at least 15 times. Did she really just notice it? Was she finally moved to say something? Or, was she really trying to say "what's with the skirt". Finally I just said thanks, and sat down.
The other comment was hilarious and I told the speaker that I was going to post it as the first unsolicited comment. I was at a party and Monica said that she liked my outfit. I told her I was doing this project. She asked me why and I said that I wanted to try to be more conscious regarding consumerism and also challenge myself to be creative with less. She said, in a flat tone of voice, "how noble", then she leaned forward and gestured with her index finger in her throat, as if to make herself puke! Then she smirked and I cracked up and told her that I loved her comment and I was going to post it.
I think she was just joking with me but also, I know that there is a reaction against people who are socially or politically active, who take themselves too seriously, or who think they are hipper, smarter, or more noble than others. Having to walk out of the house many days feeling like I look like I have no style and no artistic taste, really does just the opposite of making me feel special. Actually, the main thing it has done is to drive home the point that I am not what I look like. I am not the good or bad that others might perceive in me. It makes me have to try to make my actions speak louder than my image.

These are 2 pictures of me in Telluride with my friends. The weather was warm and beautiful. I knitted my socks, thanks to Michelle for showing me the heel. We had great food, laughs, and even did my workout video one day. We usually go to a fun place called Honga's where we dance on the tables. But it was closed for the season so we went to Cosmo, where we were very grown up.

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