Friday, October 30, 2009

Skirts and What Goes Under Them

As my skirt wearing goes into colder weather, I need to keep my legs warm with tights, leggings, tall knee socks, and leg warmers. One thing I can't stand, is having my skirt ride up my legs when I am walking! It takes away from the very comfort and grace that makes skirts so great. So, thankfully, there is a simple solution to this - a slip. Some people will say " I wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt, let alone a slip." I guess part of this is a matter of style, but I can't help thinking that there might be a slight political prejudice against the traditionally female attire. I find that in actuality, the right skirt can be way more comfortable and practical than heavy, restricting pants (that's trousers to any Brits out there).

Anyway, to show just how cast aside is the humble slip, I will tell you that last year, I had the sad experience of searching for one in many stores and finding that they don't carry them. I looked at Nordstrom, Penny's, Dillards, Target, Macy's, even Victoria's Secret! None of these places had them. I complained everywhere I went. I really think it is shocking! I requested them and Target and now they do have a few. They have a few beautiful ones at Anthropology but they are real silk and cost about $65 for a half slip.

So, in this post, I am going to do a community service and let you know what kinds of slips are out there and where you can get them.

First of all, being thrifty and into recycling, I will say that I love finding beautiful old slips at the Goodwill. You might think this is gross but really, they don't make them like they used to. Old slips are often not worn very much and there are very good quality ones (even silk) out there. If you are handy, you can alter them to your exact size. Wash them with hand wash soap and they are lovely.
Speaking of being handy, there are several craftspeople on ETSY that make gorgeous underwear, including slips. One that I love is Under the Root. They use natural materials and vintage styling. Sand Maiden also makes organic lingerie. I like this slip but it could really be a little longer. Luckily, they make it to order and take your measurements.
There are also vintage sellers that sell slips: Powder My Nose, Wicked Pen, and Blue Rose Retro are just a few.
Still, it seems hard to find a half slip. Apparently, all the stores that I mentioned above have slips for sale if you order on-line. I don't know if they deserve our business. All the big companies also sell them on line. Maidenform and Vanity Fair, can be found at Bare Necessities.
In order for it to keep your skirt from sticking it has to be made out of a slippery material such as nylon, rayon, or silk. I like this one from Her Room, another on-line shop. Actually, the Mary Green site is pretty cool.

I hope I have given you some encouragement and inspiration. You can always ask for a luxurious slip for a gift for the holidays, your birthday or anniversary. Don't wait till Valentine's day, and don't get one that will be nasty and uncomfortable. If I can't find a new, perfect silk slip, I may have to start making them myself. I will let you know.

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