Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life in a Southwestern Mountain Town

The change in seasons makes it easier to be conscious of my surroundings. New light on the yellowing leaves, new smells from damp trees, and greater numbers of wild animals running around collecting food all catch my attention and actually make me a little bit happy. Part of it is the sweetness of it and part of it is just the contentment that comes from being caught up in the moment. Also, I like wooly sweaters, scarves, and gloves. I like clouds and rain, cool nights and down blankets. The chill in the air makes my blood quicken.

Last Friday was First Friday Artwalk downtown and we went with some friends. We walked around a little and had dinner at a Thai place. It was fun to run into people we knew. We had wine and chatted. There was even a guy playing guitar and singing on the corner. Unfortunately, we saw a policeman giving him a citation! Apparently you can't be that cool in Flagstaff.

Sunday it was actually raining and David and I drove down to Cottonwood. We went through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. It was beautiful and relaxing to just sit in the car and watch the landscape change from mountain, to red rocks, to open valley. We also witnessed the food chain in action with ravens and vultures swooping around the road trying to snatch a piece of carrion (a.k.a. skunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, elk, coyote etc. who got caught off guard in their hurried focus on winter preparations).

I feel so sad when I see dead animals by the road. I hate to think of people just driving by the carnage. I always say a little prayer for them and wish that we could have a more gentle civilization.

This is a picture from Walnut Canyon which is about 10 miles from my house.

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  1. goodness sheila-- i do the exact same thing when i see dead animals run down. my heart just sinks-- i feel a sense of pain and sadness, i curse cars and the fast pace that we're all always moving at. poor little critters don't stand a chance.

    on a lighter note-- your photo and description of your trip to the canyons really make we wish i was in arizona or new mexico-- truly special parts of the country. i feel an amazing sense of comfort and peace when i'm in those landscapes. so nice that you can enjoy it without having to take a 3 day car ride!!