Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It is Wednesday night and I have been busy (not too busy) this week. Just a lot of action, which is a good thing. I had my test, I sold two bags, and I am getting ready to go on my book-group's annual retreat to Telluride, Colorado. (I actually have an irrational, illogical aversion to Colorado, but I set it aside as the company is much more the point than the location.)

Yesterday, on my way to take my test, there was a big accident in the road and I got stalled by about ten minutes. To make up for it, I ran, lugging my bag full of books, wearing my skirt and clogs. I tripped once but kept going. Then, I tripped again, stumbled, and WIPED OUT! It must have looked comical and even theatrical. All my stuff flew out of my bag. I landed hard and checked to see if I was cut at all. I had deep scrapes but no blood and no tears in my clothes. I almost started crying but instead got up and, yes, started running again. Can you believe it? I got to my class with about one minute to spare.

I was flustered and the test was pretty hard. I was so burnt out by the time I got home that I wanted to drink a shot of whiskey and get in bed. But, I didn't. Instead I made a new bag and it turned out really pretty. Today, I am feeling the full "impact" of falling on cement when you are 48 years old. My arm, neck, ribs, and shoulder are killing me. It feels like someone punched me or gave me twenty flu shots. I guess the muscles all got pulled when I fell. But the good news is, I got 91% on my midterm! (smart, old lady).

I will miss class tomorrow. I won't be able to write on my blog or do etsy. I won't be able to help my older daughter get ready for homecoming dance. I won't be able to sew or make breakfast on Sunday. Oh, well, 4 days out of the year with some girl friends - everything else can survive my temporary absence. We have a great time, eat great food, laugh, walk around and even talk about books a little. I plan to get help figuring out my sock knitting project so I can finish at least one over the week end!

So, I am bringing my skirts, no pants. It is a challenge because of the cold and the vacation but I am just getting over it. I really don't care much any more. It almost doesn't seem strange to me. I could use a few more pairs of shoes for the winter that go with skirts. I might be able to find such a thing in Telluride. I will report back with pictures on Monday.

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