Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Textile Tuesdays : #4 The Next Generation

I said in my first textile entry that it wasn't hip to sew when I was a younger woman and that I am glad that things are changing and the pendulum is swinging back to sewing popularity. Today I saw a significant sign of this. You know sewing is popular when the American Girl Today doll comes with a miniature sewing machine!!

One of my favorite things that I do is to teach young and very young children to sew and to be creative with textiles. It is very rewarding to think that I am helping to keep this skill alive. I love to see them get inspired and feel confident in this realm. So, I have to admit, I got a little sentimental at the thought of my students' excitement over this toy. I think they will have fun with it and also get a sense of validation.

By the way, I have boys and girls take my classes and they all get a huge sense of pride at being able to produce creative and practical items. A mass produced, plastic toy may not seem like the best place to look for examples of the handmade movement, but it is a step in the right direction and the exposure is going to make a trend into a tidal wave. Now we just have to have organic fabric available for them when they go to buy materials for their sewing projects.

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  1. it's a wonderful trend --hopefully one that will last for a good long while. as people are taught these skills from a young age their confidence and creativity blooms-- we are apt to have a much softer more beautiful world around us.
    i still have my 20 year old son's first sewing project on my dresser-- i call it the fairy ball--it had started out as a square flat piece of fabric and after he stitched and stitched it wound up in the shape of a 3 dimensional ball-- it's one of my favorite keepsakes...