Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Skirt Recap

Well, you have probably noticed that I am not taking daily photos of my skirt adventures. This is partly because I can't always get someone to take my picture, and partly because I get bored with looking at myself everyday. I Thought that it would be an entirely different idea to do a project where you had to ask someone every day to take your picture. That would be good, huh?

Anyway, I am still wearing the same 4 skirts. It has been about six weeks and I must report that I am really getting bored with it. Observing my feelings and reactions is part of the experiment, right? I still have not gotten any reaction (verbally) from anyone else. I have gotten no comment what so ever from anyone on any of my wardrobe! I have to say, I am a little bit hurt. I have tried to mix things up a little to see if anyone would say anything. I went for 3 weeks of wearing the same skirt all week - that got no response. I decided to be more free with my make up and accessories so people wouldn't think I was dressing to suit laziness and boredom - no response. I even tried to wear things that didn't match like my black and brown flowered Zara skirt with pink and grey argyle knee socks pushed down around my ankles with green clogs and a white torn t-shirt with a print from the Textile Museum. I think it actually looked kind of cute and fun, but no one complimented me or said " what is the deal with your outfit?"

In the end though, I think it is more of an exercise for me. It is like being on a fashion diet. I want the ultimate goal to be getting used to less, not craving what I can't have. I have seriously come close to throwing on some jeans the last few days. When I had my headache yesterday, and the day before when it was cold, I cringed at the thought of picking out a skirt outfit. However, when I went into my room and saw the skirt, I just put it on. It actually made it easier to get going.

I am still pulling out new items to wear with the skirts, so really, I am not wearing the same thing over and over. I am looking forward to sporting my scarves, knee socks, jackets, sweaters and boots. When I get through all of those, I don't know what I will do. Part of it is my wanting to stick with something that I started. So, for now, I plan to keep it up and to keep trying new ideas to make it interesting and worthwhile. I may have to get the scissors and thread and alter the skirts to make it more artistic. That sounds fun to me!

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