Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life in a Southwestern Mountain Town #3 or #4?

Well, I am feeling strangely cheerful. As I said in a previous post (where I was feeling down), I don't know if it is my circumstances, my hormones, or my powerful self-talk. We have had some stress in our extended family lately and I have been trying hard to focus on positive, calming messages. Guess what? I think it is really working. It is making me actually feel more positive. It is making me focus on positive, sweet, happy, wonderful things. And, I think it is spilling over onto those around me!

The weather is changing to dark and cold and I love it! We had our first snow yesterday and there are dark puffy clouds floating in the blue sky. The kids wished for a snow day but didn't get it. I was glad because I need every minute in the morning to get ready for school and organize my day. I bought pumpkins for carving but no one seems too interested in doing it. Maybe we are all busy or maybe the girls are growing up and focusing on other things. We are all managing to stay healthy, so that is good.

My younger daughter is going to be an evil tooth fairy for halloween - wearing all black and waving a candy wand with ratted hair, tutu, and blackened teeth. My other daughter is going to dress in cosplay. I am going to make myself a mask and be a fox. I have been intrigued by foxes lately and I like the idea of being behind a mask. I don't know what my husband will be. We usually dress him in drag so we will see what kind of a mood he is in. Only my young daughter will go trick or treating. The rest of us will go to the annual raging party that two professors that we are friends with have every year. We have been going since we moved here 13 years ago. I was pregnant at the first party and now, most of the kids are grown and off at college.

In Japanese class, many of the students were talking about what they are going to be doing for halloween. When I was at UCSC, it was a holiday that brought out the most crazy, wild behavior. I won't go into detail. I am sure some of the students in my class have plans for wild parties but I have to love the fact that Japanese attracts the nerdy element. Some of the students were talking about dressing up as henchmen and hench witches and going to an anime convention. One guy won the prize by saying that he was going to a "Halloween Haiku Death Match". He said to the girl next to him "It is going to be awesome! You have to come! It is going to be Epic!" I just love the idea of college students hanging around reading haiku poetry and competing to the "death"! Will they have deadly words? Will it just be a test of endurance? I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see the action!

I know that I said I don't want to have this blog be too much about my personal life. But, I do think it is good to talk about it as it relates to the world around me. I also think it is fun to tell stories of interesting and amusing (maybe even shocking) lives and happenings. I thought it might be good to do a little story telling and even gossip - as long as I keep the names out so no one gets hurt or offended. It would go something like this "Here's a good story I heard ..." or, "Believe it or not, this person I know ..." I just think people are interesting and we can learn a lot and appreciate the variety of experiences when we share stories. I live in the Southwest. I am sure that some stories here are very different than stories in England or Japan. Maybe some are just the same. It is all so curious! So, check back and I will see what I can find out.

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