Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday *Water day* Weekly Wonders from my Japanese Class

I am realizing that my life and my thoughts are running along a few main tracks. There seems to be a pattern and a rhythm developing that I guess is a good thing. I am mostly focused on:
*my shecological business - designing, sewing, photographing, promoting, taking care of business
*my 4skirts project - choosing ways to make it fun, reflecting on it, and writing about it
*my Japanese class - learning, doing the work, studying, observing the whole student scene
*my love of textiles - watching trends, thinking up projects, printing, knitting, working with dyes, threads, and fabrics
*my family - personal life, community life, interpersonal adventures and strife
I don't want to spend too much time on personal stuff here except as it relates to the other categories. I think it would be too easy for me to just report the daily goings on and ruminate about life as a parent and partner, sister and daughter.
So, as I get more focused and organized, I will routinize my postings. I have already got Textile Tuesday. I will make Friday the 4skirts day, that way I can recap the week. and for now, Wednesday seems like a good day to share a little bit of my Japanese Class experience.

On that note, we just learned the days of the week. I will write the Romanji (which is basically the phonetic spelling in english letters). Then I will also tell you what the first part of the word means because it is so cute and interesting.
Monday is Getsuyobi and the symbol for the first part is actually Mon which means moon or month just like in English or Roman days. So it could be called Moon day.
Tuesday is Kayobi. The first symbol is that of Fire, so it is Fire day
Wednesday is Sueeyobi or Water day.
[The word for water is actually mizu but it has to do with the Chinese influence on the various ways of writing. This is true for all of these. It is very confusing and complicated. So, for now, just accept this pre-school version of a lesson.]
Thursday is Mokuyobi or Tree day.
Friday is Keenyobi or Money day. (in French it is Vendredi or selling day. I find this similarity interesting, must be that most people go to market on friday.)
Saturday is Doyobi or Soil day. Maybe they put in extra time outside on Saturday.
Sunday is Nichiyobi or Sunday. The word for sun and day is the same so it could be Sunsun, or Dayday.
I hope you have enjoyed this little foray into Japanese language. I find it wonderful and hopefully, someday it will be useful. When I make a date to meet someone at a museum or fabulous park, I will know what day they are talking about.

I got this picture from Chakrapennywhistle on etsy. She is a great textile artist, an environmentalist, and a super-sweet person.

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  1. Oh! Thank you :) I must tell you that I have been waiting for a blog from you for a very long time! It is beautiful and I am so excited to follow.

    Always wishing you and yours the very best!