Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stockings, Socks, and Legwarmers

The last few nights the temperature has gone below freezing, the leaves are changing color and falling down, and the wind sounds like it is going to blow the house down! Now that the weather is getting colder I need something (or some things) to keep my legs warm. My legs tend to turn bluish when they get cold and the wind and dry air make them a scary sight. So, I keep them covered for warmth and as a public courtesy. I won't wear pantyhose and I don't really like nylon tights either. Fortunately there are loads of cool options available.

I like to wear natural fibers and I like things that are colorful and chunky. I got these red leg warmers off etsy from a seller in Poland called Delirium Kredens. They are wool and very fine but I am pretty sure they are machine knit. The zigzag lace pattern makes them special! I also love MelFitz from etsy. She does neck and arm warmers but I bet she would do legs if you asked her. She is one of those talented, kind, down-to-earth people from Michigan.

I have some socks from SmartWool that I wear over my tights with clogs or boots. I found a site that has great patterns for socks if anyone is ever productive enough to whip out home made ones. It is called Knitty. There are also some great ones at this blog, Thread Banger - great name, eh?
This site, Sock Dreams, seems to have everything you could want for manufactured socks and stockings. I particularly love their eco section.

I hope this is a good start at rethinking leg and foot coverings. I think it is a fun way to accessorize when one has only 4 skirts to wear day after day!

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  1. That is the cutest photo! I am loving the fall weather, we expect some snowflakes next week!