Friday, October 9, 2009

Skirts Project

I am still wearing the skirts and still tempted to throw on some trousers! I did expand my look this past week with sweaters and leggings/tights. (I plan to cut the toes out of most of my tights because, otherwise, they creep down.) I had to mix up the skirts because of the weather and my lack of inspiration.

Monday, I wore Zara with a brown t-shirt, red leggings, and red cardigan.

Tuesday, plaid Penny, as in the photo above. It was a pretty good retro hip secretary look. I have to get over my vanity to show this picture because I am getting old. When I was young, my deep set eyes looked glamourous and mysterious. Now they just make me look drawn and tired. It doesn't help that I was getting annoyed with the photographer. But, like I said, I am pretty much over vanity and trying to focus on the true preciousness in life.

Wednesday, the weather was a tad warmer so I wore Michelle with grey knee socks, a green long sleeve shirt and my grey high necked cable sweater that I got at a place called Mexx in London 8 years ago. That sweater deserves a blog of its own! I have worn it in so many circumstances and it still gets compliments.

Thursday, Penny again. This time with a peacock blue polo shirt and a vintage Villager moss green cardigan, grey ribbed tights and my brown suede ankle boots.

Friday, today, I am wearing Penny with black knee socks and a black long sleeve tee and a black sweater. You guessed it, I am feeling a little low...

I am going to sew and listen to replays of BBC radio 2 Chris Evans, which always cheers me up in the goofiest way!

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