Sunday, August 23, 2009

The 80's Are Back!

Well, I had to think about accessories with this one and I had to borrow my daughter's necklace, but the sweatshirt is mine. I am proud to say that I hung onto this long enough that it came back in style. I bought this thin french terry sweatshirt from the Gap 14 years ago. I am not going to sell it on ebay! I will let my daughters borrow it if they want. My shoes are made out of hemp and yes, I do wear socks with skirts. I know some people think this is a fashion faux pas (ha ha), but I do it proudly and love it when I see others doing it. I will be focusing on socks a lot over the months since I will have to keep my feet and legs warm. So, look forward to hearing lots about cool socks and other leg accessories!

By the way, I am not trying to make this a fashion blog, and I am DEFinately not trying to be a model! I just want to play with the different manifestations of my 4 skirts and develop my own earth-friendly eco style and see what challenges it presents. I am on my way to see a local play and there will be drama!

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