Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Update

No clever title. I am feeling sluggish because there is a wildfire 8 miles from my house and the smoke is making me wheezy and sick even with all the doors and windows shut. I am even forcing my cats to stay inside.

Everyone got up early and off to work and school and I have been sewing and doing some organizational stuff. I have made and posted 2 new bags. I also made one that I gave to my daughter. I am in the middle of a new one today that I hope to finish before dinner. I am having fun using and combining the fabrics that I have - trying not to buy anything new until I have whittled away at my stash.

I had an idea to find another fiber artist, or any art producing friend, and make challenges for each other. For example, we could say, "make something red" or "make a glamorous item" - maybe one challenge per week. I have to figure out who I can do this with and if it should be one person or a group. I guess the internet is the perfect place to find this kind of network, but I never know where to start and how to proceed.

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