Monday, August 31, 2009

Mental Fatigue

You know how after a workout you are sore and wobbly? Well, that is how my brain is feeling! I am not complaining because this is kind of what I was hoping for.
For the last few weeks I have undergone several adjustments in my daily routine. I have been blogging. I have been limiting my fashion choices (at least below my waist). I have been taking a japanese language class at the university where I am the only person over 20 years old. I have been increasing my productivity in my bag business. And I have been trying to get in shape physically by reducing sweets and unconscious snacking, and increasing exercise.

So, I have come to the not so shocking realization that my body and my brain are old and out of shape!! While I am loving my class, I think it is going to take a few more weeks for my brain to get fit for the task of memorizing and digesting a completely new system of communication. I am working hard though. I can't let the younger students think that I am feeble and ridiculous!
I need to spend more time cutting and sewing to get a good supply of bags up for fall. I need to spend an hour every evening memorizing and writing my hiragana and katakana. And, what about those dance classes I promised myself? Something is going to have to give and I think it is going to have to be the ETSY treasuries!

Skirts: Saturday I wore Mary Jane again with my dotty blouse from 6 years ago in Australia.
Sunday I wore Zara with a red t-shirt from a San Francisco designer whose name I can't remember now.

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