Friday, August 28, 2009

Addicted to ETSY!!

7:30 in the morning, I'm driving down the freeway after dropping my girls off at school. I am slightly zoned out from the early hour and the sun in my face. I see a late '7o's VW Westfalia van pass me. My first thought is "how can a VW van be passing me? I didn't think they could go over 5o mph." My second thought is "wow, that would make a great item in an etsy treasury!" It was brown with a yellow and orange stripe around it. It had curtains in the windows. A few years back it would have been considered dorky and tastless, but I have always had a thing for '70's cars. Maybe because they were my era. Maybe because their style was so distinct. Anyway, they are considered really hip and cool now.
You might think it is twisted to make the mental leap from a real life object to a commercial web site feature. However, I think it says something about art and the creative mind. I like that my brain is noticing color, design and style even when I am going about my mundane activities. Whether it is a detail on a building, someone's glasses, or the color of the sky, I can see the artfulness in it and the way I arrange it and what I add to it, makes it my own. Here is a screenshot of a treasury that I have up right now.

Today I have no class and am going to be home most of the day working on my bags. I normally would be in my pjs but here I am in my brown hemp skirt, a pink tank top and a tan cotton sweater. Yes I know there is a hole in it. I cut it so I could button it tightly. Oh, you can't really see it in this photo. Well, now you know. You can also see that even though I have been on a clearing out binge for months, my house is still piled with junk and clutter! I am not giving up though.

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