Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Out

Today is day 4 of my skirt project and day 2 of my Japanese class. I'm not sure what day it is for my "sew something every day" idea - I haven't quite stuck to that so well due to previously mentioned activities. I am feeling creative and I have sewn and even finished quite a bit though. It feels good to have a full schedule that I have organized and chosen. If I have too much time for any one thing, I tend to get unfocused and lethargic. If I have too many thing going on, the same thing happens. So, the trick is to strike a balance.

Right now, I have time in the morning to workout, do some computer stuff, maybe sew a little. Then I go to my class - get out of the house,work my brain a little, take care of outside errands, maybe visit a friend. Then I come home and have 2-3 hours to sew before my kids come home.

I don't have a parking pass so I have to figure out the best way to get to class. Yesterday, my husband dropped me off. Today, I drove my car and parked off campus in a neighborhood. It was fun because I went down streets I would never go down. I walked past houses and businesses that I would not normally see. I saw a beautiful mural near a little house with Buddist prayer flags in front. I saw trees loaded with fruit, which is very unusual here. They must have been planted long ago when this town was founded and that neighborhood was first built. I saw a geodesic dome apartment building! It felt good to get out and to be slightly lost. It reminds me of the idea of the Surrealists that you should get lost to let yourself be open to random and unexpected experiences. Tomorrow I will bring my camera and walk down another new street.

As for my skirt, I am wearing Mary Jane with a thin smock top that I got at a cheap trendy store in NY. I don't know how easy it will be to keep wearing this skirt because it blows open and the knot at the waist sticks out and makes it dificult to wear a fitted shirt unless I tuck it in. I am not much of a tucker.

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  1. hey sheila--you've been on a roll with the skirt wearing and the post making and the classes and everything! -- i love the sneaks with the "80s are back" post. i'm a fan of wearing sneaks with just about everything when i can..

    looks like you are having fun-- and that is key!!