Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perfect Weather!

Usually when we comment on the weather it is to say something negative about it... "It is sooo hot!" or "It's freezing!" "The wind is driving me crazy!" "Will it ever stop raining?" " Will it ever rain!?"
This time of year in Flagstaff can be just about perfect. When it rains, we need it and are so enlivened by the moisture and the thunder and lightening. Big puffy white clouds can come rolling in against a topaz blue sky, like some dramatic painting in a museum. The temperature can go from 90 degrees F. to around 70.
So, I am trying to say, "Wow, isn't the weather great?" or I am thinking in my mind that this ever-present element in my life is on the very good side right now. Even though the days are getting shorter, we still have at least 6 weeks of gorgeous weather to celebrate!

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