Friday, August 21, 2009

Here They Are...

Well, I made my decision! It was not easy. I have to say I didn't choose the most practical line up - but that would not be fun would it? I may run into dificulty with weather or formal occasions, or heavy working days. I figured those would be the exceptions and the more important thing is that the bulk of the days, I want to have fun with what I am wearing and not get bored or be mistaken for a religious follower who is only allowed to wear skirts. I am doing this by choice and it is supposed to help me get in touch with what clothing really boils down to for me.

So, as you can see, they are each a different fabric. They tend to lean towards the neutral side of color, but they have style. I will tell you a little bit about each of them so you can get to know them and maybe cheer them on as the days go by. I also decided to give them each a name to make it easier to refer to them.

First on the left is a brown hemp wrap around skirt that I will inappropriately refer to as MaryJane. I got it last year at a friend's store in town. It is made by Patagonia. It is pieced and cut on the bias. It had squared pointed edges on the bottom which I cut off because I thought it looked too Stevie Nicks. This way, it is a little more timeless.

Next is a cotton seersucker skirt that I got from J Crew. I will call it Michelle after Michelle Obama who shops and J Crew and maybe she has the same skirt, although I have never seen a photo of her wearing it. I love it because it sits just above my hips, the pleats make it flattering, and it has pockets. It is also a little shorter so it is good for warm weather and it is sporty.

Next is a plaid, wool number from Pendelton. It is a thrift store find and I imagine it is at least 40 years old but these babies were built to last! The beauty of good wool!; made in America!; gorgeous turquoise and green plaid!; for me, this is always a winner. I am calling her Penny. I look forward to mixing this skirt up into a bunch of fun outfits.

Finally, there is an off-white, brown and black, bias cut, elastic waist, flirty skirt from Zara. I will call her - Zara. I got this skirt in Paris in 2001. I have been wearing it regularly since that time. It still fits (partly thanks to the bias cut). It is still in great condition, and I think the style still looks great. It is made of rayon/viscose.

So, it was sad to eliminate some of my other favorite skirts, but, I think I came up with a good group.


  1. i admire your commitment to the skirt. it takes a certain mind set to get in skirt mode--it requires more careful selection of shoes--and consideration for what then goes on the legs--is it safe to go bare legged? questions come to the forefront... a more complex set of requirements perhaps--unless you're just going to throw on some flip flops and say "the heck with it"-- hah!!!

    i love the names and the choices-- very retro with a twist. i've always been a fan of the sturdy pendleton--and penny seems like the perfect name... will you include photos of you wearing these skirts? i know i will be stopping back to see...!

    have fun with the new blog!

  2. Thanks so much Kathi! Yes, I will be posting daily photos! I'm going to shave my legs right now!

  3. I like your choces and the idea of naming them. The selection is varied and you have good memories of each of them. It should be fun to follow your progress as the seasons change. Good Luck Gramma Joan